IRIS Mission Statement

  • IRIS core values are predicated on People, Processes, Performance and Pricing  - principles that drive our delivery model to achieve higher outputs and lower costs for our clients, while improving the functionality and efficacy of healthcare processes through the delivery of superior design, development, and maintenance of health information technology (HIT) systems and programs.
  • IRIS is committed to the advancement, development, adoption, and integration of effective, interoperable HIT systems.  Our expert teams of experienced, highly skilled professionals support ‘mission critical’ objectives by addressing our clients' most pressing challenges.
  • IRIS champions HIT interoperability to enhance the operations of government healthcare organizations, enabling Federal agencies to save time and money while advancing healthcare delivery and the mission of public service.
  • IRIS delivers uncompromising excellence in HIT subject matter expertise, program management and technical services.  We provide solid support for associated business process re-engineering, HIT policy development and analysis, and education and outreach initiatives.