iSIP™ (IRIS Semantic Interoperability Platform)

What is iSIP?

iSIP™ (IRIS Semantic Interoperability Platform) is a unique, online platform designed to host and support a growing suite of EDI (electronic data interchange) applications including, but not limited to, EHR interoperability applications developed by IRIS health IT experts. The iSIP™ platform’s initial underlying data harnesses the Federal Health Information Model (FHIM) and will be expanded to incorporate other relevant domains that apply to healthcare data exchange and meet the standards and regulations required to safely and securely exchange this confidential data. 

Our goal is to facilitate greater interoperability between HIT systems used by government agencies, healthcare professionals and providers, clinical and healthcare researchers and, most importantly, to foster the best possible care for the patient.

FHIM View™ is the first application running on the iSIP™.

Under development:

  • Fee-based Services to support gap analysis, data harmonization, and the creation of detailed exchange models from diverse sources including but not limited to healthcare.
  • A health offering for the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM).
  • Enhanced terminology and multi-platform browser support for FHIM View™.
  • Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD) generation referencing the NIEM Domains (aviation, maritime, justice, health, etc.) and the NIEM CORE.

Organizations interested in leveraging FHIM View™ for customized purposes can contact: Eric Larson, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.