FHIM View™
FHIM View™ is a free, online service designed to support semantic interoperability that provides the health IT community with a compelling, visually understandable, and downloadable presentation of the Federal Health Information Model (FHIM).   
FHIM View™ rapidly organizes the complex Unified Modeling Language (UML) data in the FHIM based on custom user inputs, thereby saving organizations both time and money when harmonizing disparate health information data sources.

FHIM View™ can be leveraged to compare an organization's internal data models to the FHIM.
FHIM View™ allows users to conduct word and category searches and explore an intuitive ‘mind map’ to quickly target and collect specific health elements from among thousands. The gathered results can then be downloaded into Excel or viewed as a graphical representation that can be printed and shared.

To directly access the power of the FHIM, register and log-in to:  FHIMVIEW.com