HIT Systems Engineering Services

  • IRIS HIT Systems Engineering Expertise:
    • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
    • Health Information Exchange (HIE)
    • Systems Interoperability
    • Data Integration
    • Data Interoperability
    • Security Interoperability

  • IRIS Systems Engineering Consulting is provided throughout the duration of each project, from requirements analysis and needs assessments through to specification generation and implementation.
  • IRIS Systems Sustainability Services make certain the integrated system consistently generates the desired results throughout the support and maintenance phases.


IRIS delivers standardized, supportable, lower ‘cost-of-ownership’ HIT systems engineering solutions that meet – and often exceed – client expectations.

IRIS End-to-End Systems Expertise is continuously advancing and enhancing the proficiencies needed to resolve critical integration challenges. IRIS engineers combine decades of domain knowledge, technical expertise, and solid program management with robust systems engineering processes.

IRIS Unified Solutions integrate multiple independent systems into a single common solution, using industry standard life-cycle methodologies and proven technologies to meet any and all integration challenges and to ultimately reduce system life-cycle costs. Enterprise Refinement is the primary focus of IRIS system engineers.  They fully understand the complexity of integrating disparate systems and rely on an enterprise-wide perspective to develop integrated solutions. Evaluation of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products and integrated software development, combined with a nuanced understanding of intrinsic and external effects on an operation, leads to the optimization of each client solution. This balanced approach helps to improve an organization's operations, support its growth and enhance its reputation.

IRIS Vendor-Neutral Approaches are combined with extensive domain knowledge and enterprise-wide systems integration expertise, providing IRIS clients with complete systems integration solutions. IRIS maintains expertise in real-time, relational, and transactional information systems and has the ‘know how' to leverage the best capabilities of each system into a comprehensive solution.  Most important, IRIS treats every client with an unbiased, individual approach.