IRIS: Intelligent Resources, Informed Strategies

IRIS core values are predicated on people, processes, performance and pricing. They drive our delivery model and underpin all program delivery, helping our clients to achieve higher outputs and lower costs. Our goal is to support the improvement, functionality and efficacy of the healthcare programs we support by delivering measurable value.

New Performance


IRIS provides intelligent resources to execute informed strategies, helping our customers succeed at their missions. IRIS consultants are experienced health IT practitioners with broad commercial and government HIT domain expertise. IRIS is agile and able to rapidly organize and staff projects to support changing business and technical requirements.    



IRIS supports all projects with industry best practices that are essential to quality program delivery. IRIS leverages PMI, CMMI, Six Sigma, ITIL, Agile and other methodologies to support service delivery. We customize and incorporate specific customer procecesses to ensure goal and strategy allignment.  




IRIS tracks all projects with specific performance metrics and deliverables tied to highly detailed Statement of Work (SOW) requirements. We conduct periodic reviews to ensure projects are on track and that the appropriate technical and managerail resources are engaged.



IRIS is able to provide extremely competitive pricing becaue we manage our operations with great detail and to keep project overhead to a minimum. We pass this savings on to every client through fair and reasonable rates for highly experienced consultants.