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2017- The Year of the Interoperabilitists™

2017 marked the 11th year of IRIS’ work helping organizations with health information interoperability challenges. We are humbled by the great people we work with as partners, customers and employees. In these experiences we share knowledge and the common focus of nationwide health interoperability. In 2017, IRIS trademarked the term Interoperabilitsts™, a term IRIS’ staff coined to describe the IRIS team’s core function on the projects they support.

Coordinating Patient Matching Activities Through PCOR

IRIS supported The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) on the Patient Matching Algorithm and Linkage (PMAL) project, one of 5 projects funded by a partnership between ONC and the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) and is one of many Patient Centered Outcome and Research (PCOR) programs. In this role we provided project management services and coordinated many initiatives supporting patient matching including Population Health, Electronic Quality Measures (eCQMs), and Gold Standard Algorithm Testing. In addition, PMAL facilitated several monetary challenges including Move Health Data Forward, Oh, The Places Health Data Goes and The Patient Matching Algorithm Challenge. Continue reading

FHIRView™: Easy Navigation of Complex Health IT Specifications. Brought to you by IRIS Health Solutions, LLC.

IRIS Health Solutions applies business intelligence to FHIR in the form of an easy to use Mind Map: a few clicks take you precisely to the health element information you need without having to read the entire specification.

Leveraging the latest advances in web based technologies, HL7’s Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) is the disruptive change that is quickly transforming legacy-based eHR approaches into web platforms. With industry leaders investing resources towards web-based Application Program Interface (API) collaborations such as the Argonaut Project, the Healthcare Services Platform Consortium (HSPC), Smart Genomics, and clinical decision support (CDS) in the form of CDS Hooks, FHIR is clearly here to stay. Continue reading