IRIS Launches FHIM View™ Semantic Interoperability Service

Alexandria, VA –March 9, 2017 - IRIS Health Solutions, LLC (IRIS) announces the launch of its innovative, free, online service, FHIM View™ Designed to support semantic interoperability, the service is available on and provides a compelling, visually understandable, and downloadable presentation of the Federal Health Information Model (FHIM).

By registering and logging into, users can directly access the power of the FHIM. FHIM View™ takes the complex UML modeled data contained in the FHIM and renders it in a simple, direct way. Until now, only data modelers directly benefited from the FHIM’s UML model. FHIM View™ allows online searches or exploration of an intuitive ‘mind map’ to quickly target and collect specific health elements from among thousands. The gathered results can then be downloaded into Excel or viewed as a graphical representation that can be printed and shared.

FHIM View™ was conceived by Alberto Llanes, Ph.D., IRIS Chief Enterprise Architect, with the goal of, “assisting communities by developing services and tools that improve semantic interoperability, leading to service improvement, increased efficiencies, and cost reduction.”                

Envisioned for use by the wider community of health informaticists, system developers, providers, researchers, and Standards Development Organizations (SDOs), FHIM View™ is the first of many planned applications running on the IRIS Semantic Interoperability Platform (iSIP™).

IRIS founder and President, David Clark, states that, “IRIS is proud to have the opportunity to provide the healthcare IT community with a free service that supports national HIT integration and interoperability goals. By offering the FHIM View™ Service, we hope to promote harmonization of health data systems that are being integrated to improve interoperable health records.”

Plans for FHIM View™ include enhanced terminology and multi-platform browser support. Plans for the evolution of iSIP™ include new applications to support the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), and additional fee-based services to support greater data harmonization, gap analysis, and creation of exchange models from diverse sources.

To register for the FHIM View™ Service go to: