IRIS Releases FHIRView™, for Easier Access to Health IT Standards

IRIS Health Solutions, LLC (IRIS) has announced the release of FHIRView™, an online service designed to provide easy web-based navigation of the evolving Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard for exchanging electronic healthcare information. FHIRView™, along with IRIS’ FHIMView™ service, was developed by IRIS for free use by the broader healthcare community.

“Often, we develop tools during the course of our consulting engagements that save our customers money because they allow more work to be accomplished with less human capital,” says David Clark, IRIS’ President. IRIS developed FHIRView™ in response to the need for an intuitive, fast, and accurate method to access health IT standards and compare data models.

Through IRIS’ health IT consulting research and development projects in the federal health space, IRIS’ health IT architects and analysts discovered that extensive time and resources were being spent by clinicians attempting to manually navigate FHIR data while modifying legacy healthcare data systems to support the emerging FHIR standards. IRIS’s FHIRView™ organizes the navigation of the standard in an intuitive mind map with hyperlinks to the queried data, saving hours of consulting time. “The tool can be rapidly customized for other models in order to harmonize data between them, reducing program costs.” Says Dr. Alberto Llanes, IRIS Chief Architect and FHIRView™ technical lead.

IRIS’ goal is to continue to develop ‘short-cut’ tools that can be leveraged by skilled practitioners to hasten the reality of true bi-directional health information exchange for organizations.

The intuitive FHIRView™ tool is available for public use at

IRIS can rapidly customize the FHIMView™ and the FHIRView™ tool to an organization’s specific interoperability needs. For more information about IRIS Health Solutions please visit