HIT Enterprise Architecture Services

  • IRIS HIT Enterprise Architecture (EA) Services:
    • Business Modernization & Transformation
    • Knowledge Management
    • Network Security
    • Business Intelligence
  • EA Deliverables:
    • Architecture Maturity Assessment
    • Architecture Principles & Scope
    • Current Technology Architecture
    • Business Capability Maps 
    • Portfolio Analysis
    • Future State Cost Benefit Analysis
    • Roadmap Transition Architectures
    • Practical & Quantitative Governance Plans
    • Business Case Validation

IRIS offers a full range of HIT Enterprise Architecture (EA) Services to Federal government health agencies, including business modernization and transformation services. IRIS delivers and supports knowledge management, network security, and business intelligence systems.

IRIS, in collaboration with our industry partners, has developed and integrated system solutions across multiple hardware and software domains, including network-centric products and systems. IRIS has deployed enterprise integration products across complex data management systems including large scale enterprise architectures, asset management, and supply chain management systems.

The IRIS Enterprise Architecture Process enables the successful execution of HIT architecture projects through the efficient reuse of current architecture artifacts  to plan, design, develop, and deliver our clients' HIT system requirements. IRIS architects and engineers use a disciplined but flexible approach that allows customization of development life cycle models, project management and technical processes and procedures.

IRIS Enterprise Information Management is customized to best meet the individual needs of our clients.  IRIS applies industry 'Best Practices'  and open protocols to generate reliable and actionable information.

IRIS also delivers customized data storage solutions with the latest technologies, methodologies, and products to fulfill project requirements and timelines.