HIT Program Management

  • IRIS HIT Program Management Services:
    • Program Implementation & Management
    • Project Management, including Project Scheduling and Tracking
    • Customizable Project Implementation Processes
    • Business Analysis & Management
    • Knowledge Management
    • Risk Identification & Management
    • Quality Control Management
    • Contract Administration
    • Budget & Schedule Development
    • Systems Maintenance Management
    • Value Engineering
    • Process Improvement & CMMI Support
    • Business Process Modeling & Re-engineering (BPRE)
    • Business/Use Case Development
    • Policy Development & Analysis
    • Strategic Communications Support

IRIS delivers Outstanding Program Management and Project Execution, from the management of HIT architecture design and implementation, to enterprise-wide program and project management, to ongoing operations support for multiple inter-related projects.

IRIS HIT project management expertise efficiently mitigates costs throughout project delivery, while IRIS program management professionals deliver projects on time and within budget. Our customized approach is designed to meet the clients' specific needs and requirements throughout the project.

IRIS program and project management professionals are Leaders  who bring decades of practical experience in managing and implementing high-quality processes for system engineering, software development, hardware development, production and service delivery, organizational change management, and communication strategies. IRIS professionals work closely with senior management to understand all high priority objectives and operational challenges in order to realize the client's business objectives.

IRIS designs process improvement services for optimal results. Whether IRIS clients are focused on reducing development time or costs, improving quality, and/or achieving an industry standard, IRIS will design an efficient, cost-effective Process Improvement (PI) Program to meet our clients’ goals.

IRIS has extensive experience with Confluence and Max.gov in developing knowledge management tools for seamless dissemination of important client information and streamlined reporting processes. IRIS designs each page with the user's experience in mind and delivers tools that are visually appealing, easy to navigate, and well organized.

IRIS always utilizes established industry Best Practices for every engagement. We leverage our collective experience in a range of disciplines and industries, including 'lessons learned' from many CMMI Maturity Level 5 organizations to meet client objectives and optimize results.