FHIRView™: Easy Navigation of Complex Health IT Specifications

IRIS Health Solutions applies business intelligence to FHIR in the form of an easy to use Mind Map: a few clicks take you precisely to the health element information you need without having to read the entire specification.

Leveraging the latest advances in web based technologies, HL7’s Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) is the disruptive change that is quickly transforming legacy-based eHR approaches into web platforms. With industry leaders investing resources towards web-based Application Program Interface (API) collaborations such as the Argonaut Project, the Healthcare Services Platform Consortium (HSPC), Smart Genomics, and clinical decision support (CDS) in the form of CDS Hooks, FHIR is clearly here to stay. Like it or not, if you are in the business of health IT and intend to remain here, you will soon be, if not already, on FHIR.

Despite efforts to make health IT more accessible to developers by moving it from the model-based Reference Information Model (RIM) and document-based approaches to HTTP-based RESTful access of resources (elements), reading health IT technical specifications – even browser based – can be a formidable task, for even the seasoned analyst. Recognizing the need for a quick reference, IRIS Health Solutions’ FHIRView makes FHIR even easier to use. Even if you’ve read the entire specification, FHIR is still in STU with many resources well below the desired maturity level of 5. Expect it to change. It will by intent as it is not yet normative.

Realizing that FHIR resources will change as they mature, IRIS Health Solutions designed FHIRView™ so that it will dynamically update to reflect these changes. FHIRView™ provides access to the latest versions of the FHIR resources, likely without ever having to go back and read the specification again!

In keeping pace with, and occasionally leading in, a changing health IT environment, FHIRView™ was the next step up from the Federal Health Information Model view (FHIMView™). FHIMView™ was our initial desire to make the FHIM’s health IT elements available to NIEM and all other non-clinical health communities who have an occasional need for these elements.

We welcome the community to try out these tools on our website.

Alberto Llanes, PHD. IRIS Chief Architect 

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