Connect 4.6 Released as an eHealth Exchange Validated Product

On March 17, 2016, the CONNECT Gateway for Health Information Exchange released CONNECT 4.6 to the developer community and healthcare marketplace as a fully tested and approved eHealth Exchange Validated Product. CONNECT 4.6 includes an Audit Logging System Administration Module with a viewer that enables users to search and view audit events. These enhancements to audit logging improve usability particularly for transaction monitoring, troubleshooting and reporting and are fully compliant with NwHIN/ATNA audit message requirements for Patient Discovery (PD), Query for Documents (QD), Retrieve Documents (RD), Document Submission (DS), and SOAP/X12 services.

David Clark, IRIS CEO, is proud of the support that IRIS has provided as part of the ONC/FHA team for the long-term development of CONNECT and states that, “IRIS has worked with CONNECT since its inception, 10 years ago, as IRIS was one of the organizations that led its development. We are excited to see this open source product mature and continue to add value to the healthcare market place.”

These latest enhancements to the CONNECT product were developed in collaboration with the eHealth Exchange/The Sequoia Project Team, which executed the certification test cases for the gateway. With this important milestone completed, the Federal health community can be confident in the interoperability of CONNECT, as well as in its reliability as a high performance gateway capable of handling increased traffic and message throughput requirements.

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