CMS Information Security and Privacy Group (ISPG)


Support the CMS Data Strategy and advise how CMS’s strategy aligns with HHS Data Strategy and integrates with ISPG’s Cybersecurity and Privacy program; coordinate ISPG’s participation on internal and external boards and workgroups and to encourage collaboration across the federal government and with private industry; assist in the development of a communication strategy to ensure consistent and accurate information.


Nov 2018 - Present


Program Management,  Project Management


  • Developed a Data Strategy for CMS data and information assets
  • Developed a workflow/process to coordinate with the ISPG and Office of the Administrator to meet all collection, creation, use, dissemination, retention, and maintenance requirements for PII, PHI, and FTI in accordance with the Privacy Act, E-Government Act, and all applicable guidelines.
  • Supported the development of innovative ways to identify privacy risks and to remain compliant with the Privacy Act, HIPAA, FISMA, and FITARA
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