CMS Information Security and Privacy Group (ISPG), DSPPG


IRIS supports multiple facets of the CMS’ Information Security and Privacy Group (ISPG), Division of Security, Privacy Policy and Governance (DSPPG). ISPG is responsible for providing cybersecurity and privacy policy analysis, developing security technologies, system security configuration guidance and operational defense of 250+ systems operating more than 50 data centers throughout the country. The Division of Security, Privacy Policy and Governance (DSPPG) leads the development of CMS specific privacy policy and guidance. In this role IRIS focuses on initiatives such as System of Record Notice Consolidation, developing a DSPPG public facing website notifying beneficiaries of the models and demonstration that utilize their data, formalizing CMS signature for eHealth Exchange’s updated Data Use and Reciprocal Service Agreement, mapping emerging laws, regulations and policies (LRP) with current documentation and making recommendations for educating and training staff on any changes.  IRIS’ also manages the CMS’s Data Guardian Program. 


Program Management,  Project Management
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