ONC Federal Health Architecture Program PMO

In-Depth, FHA-Specific, HIT Program Management and Technical Expertise

Provided the ONC/FHA Program Management Office (PMO) with a full range of program management, subject matter expertise, and system architecture support services.


FHA was an E-Government Line of Business (LoB) initiative designed to bring together the decision makers in federal health IT for inter-agency collaboration -- resulting in effective health information exchange (HIE), enhanced interoperability among federal health IT systems and efficient coordination of shared services. 


2009 - 2019


Program Management,  Project Management, Enterprise Architecture Support, Communications, Portfolio and Risk Management, Federal Health and IT Analysis, CONNECT Support and Analysis 


  • Specified use cases, requirements, and specifications for a nationwide healthcare directory.
    • This effort is the basis for the ONC sponsored Healthcare Provider
  • Identified barriers to Direct Messaging protocols to the federal agencies
    • Developed recommendations and a trust bundle for sharing via Direct with federal agencies.
    • Enabled the VA and Indian Health Services to exchange with one another
  • Lead federal agency discussions about ONC’s Proposed Trusted Exchange Framework
    • Influenced the TEF Common Agreement (TEFCA) through the recommendations developed in this WG
  • Bridged the gap between The National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) and Health IT communities
    • Leading a Community of Interest 
    • Developed materials that provide education and guidance on how to exchange health-related information inside NIEM while being compliant with health exchange standards

“IRIS was crucial to the success of the FHA program, from the time I stepped into the role as Director, to the time I handed it off to my predecessor. Their customer service focus and ability to bring stakeholders to the table in a collaborative manner helped to make the program the success that it has been. They were instrumental in convening stakeholders, facilitating meetings, managing performance, and communicating results.”

Lauren Thompson, Ph.D.
Former Director, Initiatives and Coordination, ONC
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